StarLeaf App Frequently Asked Questions

What is the StarLeaf App?

The StarLeaf app is a simple, secure and reliable application for messaging, meetings and calling. It works from anywhere, on any device, so your employees can collaborate, share and discuss as easily on the move as at work, and it is completely interoperable with other third party video calling devices.

How will the StarLeaf app help my business?

Whether for business agility, cost savings or employee productivity, organizations look to StarLeaf and our collaborative solutions to overcome business challenges. For scheduled video meetings or quick ad hoc meetings, point-to-point video calls, and ongoing group messaging; the StarLeaf app provides your employees with a single tool that allows them to communicate and collaborate easily, without restrictions, and that is completely interoperable with third-party video systems.

Who can I communicate with using the app?

Quite simply, anyone. Any smartphone, tablet, PC, traditional video system, Skype for Business client and even the telephone. Everyone is within reach when using StarLeaf.

On which devices can I use the StarLeaf app?

The app supports Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices.

Do I need a 4G service for meeting and calling using the app?

For an optimal experience, the StarLeaf app supports meeting and calling on 3G or above.

Will I be able to use StarLeaf to meet with my suppliers and customers?

Yes. You can use StarLeaf to meet with anyone, including your customers, partners, and supply chain. Messaging between organizations will be available soon.

Can I schedule meetings using the app?

Yes, simply choose the Meetings icon and schedule a meeting in the usual way. You can also invite people to join a meeting immediately by creating a group and choosing the Meet Now button.

What is the maximum number of participants I can have in a scheduled meeting?

The maximum number of participants a user can have in a scheduled meeting is 50 when subscribed to Business or Enterprise user plans.

Is there a limit to the number of meetings or calls I can make?

No. The Business and Enterprise users plans also allow unlimited calls and meetings. For more information, please see our fair use policy.

My organization already uses StarLeaf, can I use the StarLeaf app with my existing subscription?

Absolutely. Please contact your StarLeaf partner to ensure you are on the best plan to meet your needs.

Can I make telephone calls from the StarLeaf app?

Yes. Customers who have the Enterprise user plan have Cloud PBX functionality. This allows telephone calls directly from the app.

Do I need a SIP trunk provider to make telephone calls?

Yes. You will need to subscribe to the Enterprise user plan and have a SIP trunk from a provider.

Can I add attachments to my messages?

Message attachments are a future roadmap item and will be coming soon.

Where is messaging history stored?

All messaging history is stored securely in the StarLeaf Cloud. If you subscribe to either the Business or Enterprise user plans, you can choose to which regional StarLeaf point of presence the data will be confined.

Are the video and messaging sessions encrypted?


Can I message other platforms such as Skype for Business?

StarLeaf takes interoperability very seriously. With StarLeaf you can call Skype for Business clients with voice, video, and content sharing in both directions. However, messaging with Skype for Business is not currently available.

Will the StarLeaf app help my business?

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