Maintenance & Support Contracts

Support Contracts

Predictable cost, priority service, free ongoing training, are just some of the reasons over 90% of our customers are on support agreements.

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Approximately 90% of our Mitel customers have maintenance contracts with All Phase. There are many benefits to joining our support family.
Here are some of them:

Priority Service

Maintenance contract customers get priority service and advance parts replacements to ensure you get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Free Software Upgrades

Exclusive to Mitel, software upgrades are available at no additional cost, meaning you're always up to date, along with the labor necessary to keep your system running.

Free Training

For administrators, contact centers, end users and operators, we provide training to give your staff the information they need to get the most out of their technology.

Other Benefits:

  • Free Remote Adds, Moves and Changes
  • System backups
  • Teleco trouble shooting
  • Guaranteed emergency response time
  • 3 year and 5 year contracts available at a discounted price
  • Waived trip charge
  • Discounted equipment pricing

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