Renting is another choice for businesses with unique infrastructure and financing needs. Our access to special programs allows for equipment refreshes while renting to ensure upgraded equipment.

This business communications Buy Back Program, a new component of the Current Technology Assurance Plan (C-TAP). The Buy Back Program embedded in C-TAP gives All Phase Communications the ability to offer cash back to a customer for their existing communications system. By taking advantage of this unique opportunity, companies will enjoy all of C-TAP's benefits, while reinvesting the money they receive from All Phase Communications and their strategic partner GreatAmerica Leasing Company, back into their business.

C-TAP has emerged as the telecommunication industry's most innovative program. C-TAP ensures that the telecom and information systems of small to mid-sized companies remain current. C-TAP encourages companies to incorporate the latest in technology by giving them the ability to refresh their phone equipment after 24 months without a change in payment. In addition, new equipment and applications are installed without labor charges. Technology can be added as needed within a fixed cost that can be absorbed by an organization's operating budget. Essentially, C-TAP allows continuing implementation of new technology within a set guideline.

All Phase Communications' customers on the C-TAP program will receive benefits including unlimited in house moves and changes, unlimited remote programming, routine software upgrades and patches, call accounting analysis, storage system and backup, remote database backup, records and training updates for the equipment administrator, and an annual audit of connectivity charges. C-TAP also provides businesses with special customer service provisions including: priority queuing for adds, moves, changes, dispatch of service calls, a guarantee of inventory on hand, preferred maintenance, periodic replacement of handset and station cords, and annual preventative maintenance visits.

When companies opt for the Buy Back Program they automatically become a part of C-TAP. The age of the system will determine the amount of cash back they will receive. For example, if a system is 12 months old All Phase Communications will pay the customer 80% of the original cost. When the transaction occurs, the customer makes monthly lease payments reversing the original outlay for system's large capital investment. Thus, the customer always keeps their technology current moving into the future and now they show a fixed cost in their operating budget from lease payments. In order to qualify for the Buy Back Program, All Phase Communications' customers will need to meet specific criteria including credit approval from GreatAmerica.

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