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Business Phones

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Whether you're moving all of your applications to the cloud, need to switch from a capex model to an opex model, or need a more flexible business phone system, cloud VoIP has many business advantages necessary for companies that are evolving with the technology revolution.


For businesses that experience change no communication system can rival cloud phones when it comes to flexibility. Cloud business phones are great for:

  • Transitions such as acquiring new business or moving locations
  • Adding or removing users instantaneously for seasonal or fluctuating business
  • Quickly getting new branches or businesses set up for communication without large capital outlays
  • Connect multiple locations for consistency and cost containment

Cost Management

Managing expenses is important, even for small items like business phones. Cloud business phones are a great way to ensure consistent and optimal service without worrying about unexpected costs like equipment replacement, updates or break-fixes. Just a predictable monthly cost based on the number of users you have at that time.


Perfect for businesses with limited IT staff, hosted voice requires little or no maintenance from your staff. Companies who take advantage of the cloud don't have to pay for internal or external support while getting the advantage of a system at top performance with no effort from your team.


Hybrid is a unique combination of on premise and cloud voice communication systems. Get the advantage of the cloud AND local voice options with hybrid voice.

Get the Best Benefits of Both Cloud and On Premise

If you've invested in on premise phone hardware but also want to take advantage of the innovations of cloud voice, hybrid is a great option.

  • Connect remote and corporate business locations in the quickest, easiest and least expensive way
  • Support remote employees without investing in VPN equipment
  • Get the benefits of cloud innovation while using on premise equipment on a per user, per month basis


For larger organizations, on premise voice infrastructure is the right choice. With the capacity to own and manage their own system, established businesses can take advantage of the stability and security onsite phone systems offer.

With on premise hardware, you will be able to benefit from:

Capital Expenditure

If your company is based in Capex, on premise is for you. There is an initial capital outlay that works with organizations who can budget for such expenditures, and the operating expenses can reduce over time.


Manage updates, upgrades and fixes with your own team so you know they're done according to your terms every single time.


If you're just not ready for the cloud, the best option for you is still on premise. Whether it's hesitancy about the move, you want to do more research about cloud security or you just need more information before you can shift to hosted voice, onsite phone infrastructure is still a viable option for your business.

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