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Telecommunication and The Internet of Things

November 28th, 2018 by admin

Servers in the cloud

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is defined as a network of continually growing and changing technological devices such as appliances, phones, vehicles and other things that are usually embedded with sensors, chips, software, and more. These objects, which contain an IP address for internet connectivity, are constantly evolving and you can vividly see the growth throughout the years.

Digital and Telecommunications is a prime example as well as a big slice of the IoT, with VoIP phone lines being the norm in phone service technology for both personal and business voice technology. These devices allow flexibility and protection that didn't use to exist. As advertised, cloud technology is the wave of the future, some of the heavy-hitters when it comes to data centers are AWS (Amazon), Apple, Google, and Azure (Microsoft), which offer dramatically enhanced security.

The future of many service providers will fall on where they have their cloud. Companies such as Mitel, a leading telecommunication company providing solutions for businesses, understand what the IoT demands – like extremely enhanced security – and if they work to utilize virtual private cloud (VPN) and Reserve Instances, they will be almost perfectly positioned for the evolution of the IoT. This could cause an enormous shakeout of the hosted PBX industry.

The Internet of Things will progressively advance in the industries of automotive, hospitality, agriculture, transportation, shipping, government, and more. As for the communications sector, if service providers continue to work and position themselves like Mitel, they will find the end results will reflect favorably for them.

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