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Toshiba Shutting Down Telecommunications Systems Division

May 17th, 2017 by admin

You may have already seen our newsletter or other articles sharing the news that Toshiba Corporation is winding down their Telecommunication Systems Division (TSD) business starting immediately.
"Dealers can submit orders through May 22, 2017 subject to inventory availability and purchase order acceptance. TSD will continue to support dealers in all warranty and maintenance obligations to customers. With respect to VIPedge customers, TSD will continue to support the services in accordance with contract terms. For customers who wish to transition away from VIPedge service, TSD will waive early termination charges." This was recently shared by a letter to Toshiba Dealers and Customers.

I wanted to share some additional information with you regarding Toshiba’s recent decision to exit the telecommunications business:

How long will Toshiba continue to sell new CIX and IPedge systems?

Toshiba will continue to sell new CIX and IPedge systems until 05/22/2017. After this date Toshiba will continue to sell new CIX and IPedge Add-On Parts and Licenses.

How long will Toshiba continue to sell CIX, IPedge, Application Server, Add-On Parts and Licenses?

The current plan would enable the purchase of CIX, IPedge, Application Server, Add-On Parts and Licenses, including phones, until 12/31/2022.

How long will Toshiba provide support and maintenance?

Ongoing Toshiba support and maintenance will continue through 12/31/2022 (schools and government agencies may extend beyond this date per existing contract terms).

After 05/22/2017, what type of software updates will be provided under Toshiba’s Software Support and Upgrade Service (SUS)?

After 05/22/2017, Toshiba will continue to release periodic software updates for Critical Bug Fixes and Major Security Patches for those customers under SUS. Toshiba will support the last two versions of software releases per their Tech Support Policy.

As previously stated we will continue to support our Toshiba customer base. Celeste Truitt, our Senior Customer Advocate, is reaching out to our Toshiba base to answer questions, address concerns, and provide options for life after Toshiba. Many of you have asked about replacement options and budgetary quotes.

We are also an authorized ShoreTel reseller. ShoreTel is a publicly traded company (SHOR) that has been in business since 1998. We have been a ShoreTel reseller since 2004 and have approximately 130 private sector and government customers. ShoreTel offers both on-site and cloud based systems. We believe that ShoreTel’s cloud offering would be a good replacement for many of our Toshiba customers. The service is delivered over your business Internet connection and you eliminate your monthly line costs. You get free lower 48 state long distance and access to all of the latest features and functionality.

For those of you who are interested, we are offering the following for free:

  • Analysis of your telephone bill
  • Assessment of your inside wiring
  • Assessment of your data network
  • Survey of your existing telephone system and applications
  • Needs assessment
  • New system demonstration
  • New system proposal
  • Free installation and training of new system (does not include additional wiring or data network hardware)

There are many cloud systems and resellers of cloud systems, from single person agents to large phone companies. From do it yourself installation, to get trained on you tube; many lack the resources to properly install, train, and manage customers. Our ability to design, project manage, install, train, and provide a single point of contact is our advantage. ShoreTel’s advantage is they provide the entire system, from the datacenter to the telephone; they are not reselling generic phones with limited functionality. Combined we feel this gives us a better offering. If you would like to learn more about ShoreTel’s cloud telephone system call Celeste Truitt at (206) 838-4124 or email her at

If you have any questions about your Toshiba system or our ability to support you please contact me directly at (206) 838-4141 or email me at


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