Cloud Video Conferencing

Cloud Video Conferencing

Reliable and rich video conferencing services to Fortune 500 companies all the way down to the smallest organizations.

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StarLeaf brings people together through the power of video conferencing and calling. StarLeaf is a service provider with a global platform that delivers secure, reliable and rich video conferencing services to Fortune 500 companies all the way down to the smallest organizations around the world. Whether a company chooses StarLeaf conference room systems or already has their own – for instance from Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize or Avaya – StarLeaf removes the complexity and cost of management and enables users to call anyone else, including those who use Microsoft Skype for Business as their client.

StarLeaf for Meeting Rooms

GT Mini 3330

Designed for small, medium, and large rooms.


  • Either USB or PTZ Camera
  • One or two screens
  • Wwo XLR microphones
  • Registers to StarLeaf OpenCloud

Group Telepresence 3351

Designed for very large spaces, theaters and auditoriums.


  • Two screens
  • Three cameras (including document cameras and PTZ)
  • Two XLR microphones
  • Registers to StarLeaf OpenCloud

StarLeaf for Skype for Business

GTm 5250

Registers directly to MS Skype for Business/Lync Server Designed for small, medium, or large rooms.

Comes with:

  • Touchscreen controller
  • Support for up to three PTZ cameras
  • Support for two XLR microphones
  • Support for one or two screens
  • Registers to Skype for Business
    or Office 365

GTm 5140

Huddle A perfect fit for all your spaces.

Comes with:

  • Touchscreen controller
  • USB camera
  • USB microphone
  • Registers to Skype for Business
    or Office 365

Maestro Management Platform

A smart way to manage all your GTm meeting rooms.

  • Remote management of meeting room systems
  • Fast system provisioning
  • Simple installation

StarLeaf for Desktops

Transforms any workstation or desktop into a full collaboration environment.

Comes with:

  • Touchscreen controller
  • USB camera
  • Support for any 1080p desktop screen or monitor
  • Registers to StarLeaf OpenCloud

StarLeaf for Mobile Video

StarLeaf Breeze Unleash the power of video, make and receive video calls, host or join conferences from anywhere with our software video endpoint for PCs, tablets and phones

  • Available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android
  • Works with any supported webcam
  • Download from
  • Users can install Breeze on multiple devices
  • Registers to StarLeaf OpenCloud

Video Conferencing as a Service


  • Scheduling and Meet-Me conferencing service: use any video equipment and invite anyone to join you
  • QuickMeet™ service: escalate your call from one to five people, all at the touch of a button
  • StarLeaf Encore: record your scheduled video conference

Cloud Endpoint Subscriptions

  • Retire your video conferencing infrastructure
  • Enable all endpoints and Skype for Business clients for complete interoperability, point-to-point calling, and external calling
  • Spam-protect your video deployment
  • Firewall traversal

StarLeaf Accessories

Touch 2035

A stylish, low-profile, touchscreen controller designed to operate any StarLeaf room system.

Telepresence Microphone 0155

Designed to work exclusively with StarLeaf meeting room video conferencing solutions, including the Conference Phone 2220, in both cases two Telepresence Microphones can be attached. This highly sensitive yet small table top mic is not to be underestimated, delivering high fidelity audio in small to large meeting spaces.

Conference Phone 2220

A powerful and highly sensitive speakerphone and microphone controlled by the StarLeaf Touch 2035. Designed for use with any StarLeaf meeting room system. Great for all rooms including larger boardrooms, and where excellent sound quality is essential.

GT Mini Wall Mount 0230

The Wall Mount is designed to accommodate the StarLeaf GT Mini for easy installation, allowing the camera to be mounted above or below a screen.

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